Proceedings of the V. V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, 2018, No. 18.

N. E. Ananyeva
Derivatives from the roots *mil- *l’ub-, *lask-, *kox- in russian and polish (nouns which designate the concept ‘love’)
11 - 23
M. N. Belova
ʽMountain passesʼ with prefixes pre- and pro- in bulgarian and macedonian placenames and geographic terminology
23 - 33
Constantine Leo Borissoff, A. C. Shaposhnikov
Russian-sanskrit etymological sketches
33 - 73
Zh.Zh. Varbot
Russian dialectal additions to proto-slavic reconstructions and etymologies viii
73 - 80
Irina A. Gorbushina
Torit’ ‘to pave the way’ and torit’ ‘to teach’ — homonymy or polysemy?
80 - 85
Goryacheva T. V.
Contribution to etymology of several russian dialectal words
85 - 95
Przemysław Dębowiak, Bohumil Ostrowski, Jadwiga Waniakowa
Etymology in the polish academy of sciences great dictionary of polish
95 - 107
l. P. Dronova
Further exploration of the formation of the concept “harm” in the slavic languages
107 - 119
Lubor Králik
On some slovak names of ice formations (cencúľ ‘icicle’, etc.)
119 - 131
l. V. Kurkina
Reconstructing the *telp- word family
131 - 143
Corinna Leschber
Difficult etymologies and macrolinguistics — Slavic borъ ‘pinus’ AND SLaVIC šuma ‘silva’ (Scientific communication)
143 - 155
Szymon Pogwizd
Etymology and semantic development of the west slavic *katъ
156 - 165
Maria Racheva
On the Common Slavic Verbs *dьrxati and *dьrsati and their Extensions in Bulgarian and in other Slavic Languages
166 - 175
Mikhail N. Saenko
Slavic nouns ending in -ьjь and their relation to *i-declension
176 - 187
Sergeeva Olga M.
On Proto-Slavic *pakovęžь (an addition to ESSJa 40)
188 - 191
V. B. Silina
O.N. Trubachev on the Earliest Aspectual Forms of the Slavic Verb (based on the Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Languages)
192 - 196
Mariya V. Turilova
The Ability of Sensorial Interaction with the Outside World as a Feature of Human Mental and Psychic State Estimation according to Slavic Languages
197 - 213
Mariola Jakubowicz
Principles of semantic reconstruction in the reconstruction of proto-slavic vocabulary
214 - 225
E. I. Yakushkina
Lexemes meaning ‘holiday’ in serbian and croatian dialects
226 - 233
T. V. Goryacheva, Sergeeva Olga M.
Review of: Dobrodomov Igor' Georgievich. Izbrannye trudy po etimologii i leksikologii [Selected Works on Etymology and Lexicology]
234 - 244
L. Dimitrova-Todorova
Review of: Khristina Deikova. Etymology and linguistic contactology (Romanian verbal borrowing in one Bulgarian dialect)
245 - 251
A. K. Shaposhnikov
Review of: Zhuravlev A.F. Evolyutsii smyslov [Evolutions of Meanings]
252 - 273