Review of: Khristina Deikova. Etymology and linguistic contactology (Romanian verbal borrowing in one Bulgarian dialect)

2018. № 4 (18), 245-251

Institute of Bulgarian Language BAN


The review is devoted to a new book by Kh. Deikova about an interesting group of verbs that are extremely difficult to etymologize in the Bulgarian dialect, which is in contact with the Romanian language, namely the verbs, ending in -ѝшъм, -шъм and -àшъм. The contents of the book are highlighted in detail, the innovative complex approach of the researcher is emphasized, and the use of linguistic contactology data, which enabled her to conclude that in this dialect there is a single model of morphological adaptation of verbal borrowings from the Romanian language with the help of the suffix -шъ- (dialect variant of the Bulgarian -са- from the Greek aorist base).