Russian-sanskrit etymological sketches

2018. № 4 (18), 33-73

 University of London, Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


 The article reported some results, interesting for the Russian etymology, of the recent lexicographical project of C.L. Borissoff and A.C. Shaposhnikov [Russian-Sanskrit Dictionary of Common and Cognate Words], implemented in 2015–2016. In the process of compiling this dictionary, the co-authors found many new instances of Sanskrit-Russian isoglosses, which were in disregard by comparativists of the past. Some common word formation and derivation models were reveled. Etymologies for some Russian and Sanskrit words are updated or revised. In some cases it was possible to reconstruct the semantic history of words, to outline the primary meanings and to trace the evolution of semantics. These etymological sketches cover a part of Common Slavonic vocabulary from P to Ž that is of interest to us.