2021. № 3 (29), 25-53

Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Capital letters mark the individualizing components of an anthroponymic model. The model may also include various components written with a lowercase letter: untranslatable foreign language prepositions, conjunctions, articles; common words, indicating the degree of kinship, gender, age and definitions denoting social status, serving to impart courtesy to the address, etc. The rule is supplemented with a set of notes on its application in difficult cases: 1) with an ambiguous functional and semantic interpretation of words that make up the anthroponymic model (Юлиан-отступник и Юлиан Отступник); 2) when using proper names not in their main function (Цербер — цербер; второй Чадаев, меценат, проба Манту — сделать манту); 3) in Romanesque and Germanic names with a special emphasis on one of the members of the genus (ван Гоги — Ван Гог, Огюст де Га — Эдгар Дега), with a break in the tradition in writing (ван де Вельде — Вандевельде, де Лоне — Делоне, ла Гранж — Лагранж); 4) the structure of the name in Arabic and related languages is described, structural elements (article аль and its variants), terms of kinship (ибн, бен, заде, оглы "son", бинт, кызы "daughter", but Абу " father ", Умм" mother "..); 5) Chinese names in Russian.