2017. № 3 (13), 407-416

Saint Petersburg State University


The article contains observations on the stylistic features of orthography. The point at issue are some peculiarities of spelling in the official and academic styles of writing, kinds of spelling that could mark formal and informal styles of writing, traditional poetic spelling, orthographical archaisms. The stylistic aspect of the wordplay with spelling in social networks, in product naming, in contemporary poetry has also became an object of interest in this article. It has been fixed the tendency to lexicalized spellings that disrupt the rule. They lead to the uprise of axiological oppositions built on normative and non-normative spellings. The analysis of the material shows that the disruption of orthographic norms is frequently motivated psychologically and socially. Actually, these words have entered the language, because of obtaining certain special functions, such as pathos reduction, weakening of the banality and the flatness or, on the contrary, the demonstration of the banality, also phrasing of the expression. It is possible that some of these spellings would enter in the formal written language because they are often created by peoples, first of all philologists and writers, who are able to the creative reflection. Hence, either formal or informal, but persistent variativity of spelling make it possible to perceive the orthography as a significant stylistic resource.