2017. № 3 (13), 199-204

Jaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University


The article raises the problem of the relation of language and regional standards of usage in grammar. Language the facts about the grammar of the residents of Veliky Novgorod are explores. These facts relate to the grammar of the verb forms managed substantive and morphemic of the verb. The first case is of the form type уехавши, привыкши, оставши and participle construction У Володи там полотенце повешено; У немцев разбито. The second case is the preference for the dative in sentence Ему день рождения; Ему юбилей. In morphemic specific verb is the prefix на--, with the help of which form formes намылась, наругает, whereas in other cities will tell помыть, вымыть, отругать. Discusses the origin of the considered forms, their relationship with the dialect of speech and codified literary language, perception of their linguistic consciousness of the citizens and those who come to the city and speaks about the peculiarities of local speech. In theoretical terms the question of the ratio of the norms of the literary language and regional language usage, the ability to interpret the facts. as a regional norm.