2022. № 1 (31), 382-391

Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences


The article provides a description of a special kind of phraseological units — poetic formulas with anthroponyms (mythonyms, theonyms, biblical and historical names) in 18th century Russian poetry. The main distinguishing features of such poetic formulas are reproducibility, understandability of inner form and expressivity. The possibility is being considered of including poetic formulas as a special lexicographic object in the dictionary  entry of the Dictionary of Anthroponyms in the 18th Century Russian Poetry, which is currently being compiled at the Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy оf Sciences (St. Petersburg). First of all, those anthroponymic poetic formulas should receive a description in the Dictionary in which proper names have already undergone a semantic change (antonomazia, personifi cation, etc.), as well as “anthroponymic rhymes” — poetic formulas whose elements are in a rhyme position. Poetic formulas with anthroponyms will be located in a special section of the dictionary entry, depending on their semantic status. The description of poetic formulas with proper names in the Dictionary will make possible to establish the real stock of proper names, to show their internal connections, to record their joint occurrence and activity in the Russian poetry of the 18th century.