2019. № 2 (20), 268-276

 Perm State National Research University


The paper attempts to synthesize the concepts of stylistic-speech system and discourse system based on the activity approach to the text. The study of the speech system matter is briefly considered. The subject of this research is a scientific descriptive text of a separate field of knowledge produced according to a certain program of cognitive-communicative actions. On the one hand, this program determines the “forms of statements’ consistency and coherence” (Michel Foucault), i.e. the order of discourse. On the other hand, the program examines the stylistic-speech system as the interrelation and interdependence of lexical and grammatical units in a text, which are used to achieve the goals. The latter are reviewed with the account of their implementation conditions, i.e. as the goals that are realized by cognitive-communicative operations. The relevant conditions of the scientific description are the following: the nature of the object of study, its division into parts as assigned by a research program, a set of parameters to fix the observed data. The paper interprets discursive practices as cognitive-communicative operations performed while solving recurrent tasks using a certain repertoire of lexical and grammatical units. Any scientific description carried out in accordance with the established research program has its own vocabulary. The vocabulary consists of word classes that correlate with strictly defined elements of semantic-gramatical organization of a sentence and demonstrate appropriate morphological and derivational features.