2019. № 1 (19), 99-105

Tula State L.N. Tolstoy Pedagogical University


The article researches intimate (family) innovations of L.N.Tolstoy. Not all of them were used only in the narrow circle of insiders. Some units have come into usage (V iskusstve vse chut’-chut’; Chem lyudi zhivy?; energiya zabluzhdeniya), the others occupy an intermediate position: they are not yet commonly used, but there are signs that they are on their way to it. Such phrases as zelenaya palochka, muraveinyye brat’ya, arzamasskii uzhas, ankovskii pirog, are set and used at the present day not only in memoirs and science literature or biographic sources about Tolstoy, but also in other texts, mainly addressed to educated reader. Moreover, these units are used to name different facts of Камерные инновации Л.Н. Толстого: на пути в узус 105 modern reality. However they cannot be considered as commonly used. Analyzing these units, the researcher tries to determine the reasons why some Leo Tolstoy’s intimate innovations go to usage rather easily, while others don’t become commonly used although there are seemingly evident conditions for that, and comes to conclusion: those elements of the private discourse tend to go to the common usage more easily which are abstract in meaning and not situational by origin, and therefore don’t require any additional comments for explanation of their meaning. Their use in literary works, especially as titles, appears to be an additional incentive for usualization.