SLAVIC-HUNGARIAN LEXICAL RELATIONS IN AGRICULTURAL TERMINOLOGY (on the materials of The Slavic Linguistic Atlas and “Hungarian Dialect Atlas ”)

2018. № 1 (15), 78-100

Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper deals with the combination of The Slavic Linguistic Atlas and “Hungarian Dialect Atlas” materials. The research aim is to reveal isoglotic lines of the Slavic loan words in the Hungarian language. The mapping of them together with the Slavic cognates shows that Hungarian keeps the Proto-Slavic vocabulary and, moreover, contains calques of old Slavic words. The existence and the wide spreading of the Slavic form in the Hungarian language proves that it used to be quite frequent in Slavia despite its current limited nature in the Slavic dialects. The data like these may help in etymological research of old Slavic lexicon. For instance, this research is carried out for agricultural terminology. Its remapping accompanied by the analysis of areas and motivation models of the Slavic and the Hungarian vocabulary gives evidences for revision and concretization of the etymology of Slav. *plugъ, the probable derivate from I.-E. *plou- ‘swim, flow’.