2016. № 1 (7), 131-142

Ural Federal University


The article develops linguo-aesthetic ideas of Professor V.P. Grigoriev that are connected to the wider interpretation of poetic language and isolation of a ‘creatheme’ as a unit of poetic language. Analyzing data from “Integrum” database, the article discovers specific characteristics of the lexical compatibility of the popular word kreativny (‘creative’).

The study is reconstructing a fragment of the worldview that reflects the current conventional understanding of the subjects and areas of creative activity, including creative speech, as well as products of this activity prevailing at the present time. The article raises a question about the formation and development of creative stylistics; of its object, subject, goals, and vector of development. For the purposes of specific stylistical analysis, the article brings up isolated creathemes from colloquial speech of factory workers, newspaper writing, official/business speech, advertising texts, applied poetry texts, and mass literature.

The study includes analysis of newspaper headlines bringing under scrutiny the phenomenon of paronymic attraction. In the process of interpretation of the creative speech technologies in women prose, we prove, basing on ‘packaging material’ notion coined by V.P. Grigoriev, that creathemes with aesthetic meanings which strengthen axiologic function of sentence and/or text serve as this sort of ‘packaging’ in writing.