2014. № 1 (1), 199-222

Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Meanings that occur in the reflexive constructions (verb + reflexive sebia) are considered with respect to verbs of movement, mental, emotional and speech verbs. Verbs of physical action in the initial meanings have two options for a dependent noun phrase: non-coreferent (On [X] priblizil litso k steklu [Y]) vs. coreferent (On [X] priblizil k sebe [X] svechu). In some metaphoric meanings only coreferent noun phrase is used: Imperatritsa priblizila k sebe favorita. Some mental verbs in the context of the reflexive have idiomatic meanings, e. g. dumat’ tol’ko o sebe (‘to be an egoist’). For verbs of speech conditions of success of the speech act change in the context of the reflexive, e. g. On skazal sebe… does not mean ‘he reported new information to himself’’.