2019. № 1 (19), 54-60

 V. V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences



The article describes the scientific views of V.P. Grigor’ev on the processes of normalization of the literary language and tells about his work published in the journal «Problems of Speech Culture» in 1961, that was a response to the article by writer A. Yugov in «Literaturnaya Gazeta». The article considered incorrect constructions of the type ukazyvat’ о and problema о. A. Yugov negatively treated the normalization activity of linguists. Polemizing with Yugov, V.P. Grigor’ev explains that the concept of «literary language» is not identical to the concept of «language of fiction». He believes that improving speech culture in society depends on the active work of linguists.

The author of the article shows that in the 21st century there is no change in this fragment of the syntactic system. To explain the reasons for the mass error, the author suggests using the important concept of the «syntactic position» and the method developed by the traditional syntax, which consists in the separation of the verbal relations caused by the functioning of the lexeme in the phrase and in the sentence.

The form with the preposition o has a weak connection with the main word and a constant function of naming the subject of speech. This helps to form a syntactic cliche.