Review: Furlan, M. (2014). Novyj etimologiczeskij slovar’ slovenskogo yazyka. Probnyj vypusk [New Etymological Dictionary of the Slovenian Language. Trial Issue]. Ljubljana: 2013, 221 p.

2015. № 1 (4), 422-437

Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


The prospectus provides a theoretical and practical foundation for the principles of the new Etymological dictionary of the Slovenian language on the basis of achievements in etymological research. The prospectus includes a historical overview of etymological thought in Slovenia and defines the role of Ramovš’s and Bezlaj’s works in the history of Slovenian etymological science. The key structural unit of the dictionary is an etymologeme, which is defined as follows: one etymon = one dictionary entry = one etymologeme. Subject of etymological analysis would include vocabulary of literary language, lexical dialectisms, toponyms. The author illustrates the principles of the new dictionary with a sample of 146 entries. Rich in new ideas, the dictionary would expand our knowledge on etymological relationships of the Slovenian language and become an original reference work on Slovenian etymology.