Review of: A. E. Anikin. Russkii etimologicheskii slovar' [Russian Etymological Dictionary]. Iss. 4 (bole — btar'). Moscow: Znak Publ., 2011 328 p. Iss. 5 (buba — vakshtaf). M.: Znak Publ., 2011 344 p. Iss. 6 (val I — vershok IV). Moscow: Rukopisnye pamyatniki Drevnei Rusi Publ., 2012 368 p. Iss. 7 (versh' I — vnyat'sya II). Moscow: Publ. of Vinogradov Institute for Russian Language Studies, 2012, 352 p. Iss. 8 (vo 1 — vran). Moscow: Publ. of Vinogradov Institute for Russian Lan- guage Studies, 2014, 312 p.

2015. № 1 (4), 391-402

Moscow State Pedagogical University


The paper presents a general overview of Issues Four through Eight of A. E. Anikin’s Russian Etymological Dictionary, proposing a handful of additions and refinements to individual etymologies included in the volumes under review. Overall, the level of the work and the importance of author’s contribution to Russian etymology are evaluated favorably.